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What is

Soul Deep Wellness?

Carolyn Messere, MD, is a fully trained physician who specializes in Functional Medicine. Her background is in Colon and Rectal Surgery, which she practiced for ten years. She no longer practices surgery - her philosophy now is get to the root cause and hopefully prevent the need for chronic medications and surgery!

You deserve to have Soul Deep Wellness. Wellness not just in your body, but in your mind, your spirit, and your soul!

I don't believe there is a magical pill that will make you healthy. But with some shifts in lifestyle, diet, supplements, and self-care, you can get on the road to life-long health and vitality.

After your consultation, I'll create a plan for wellness for you. The best way to work with me is over 4-6 months, making small, manageable changes. You'll have my expert guidance as you move through these changes. We'll order tests and treatments as we go, and make the adjustments you need for your individual progress.

I offer a program for complete wellness with diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. We'll also address the emotional and mental aspects of your health, to give you full 360 degree health all the way down to your soul!

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